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DayDream Kreative Studios

Nahjee Grant is an educator, entrepreneur and philanthropist whose work includes bridging the gap between the police and those whom they serve. Nahjee has over 10 years of experience in the field of community organizing providing an array of services to community members of all ages. Over the years Nahjee has partnered with School Districts, businesses, and nonprofits in the areas of food security, educational resources, and staff and student empowerment. Nahjee is the author of 15 children's books, founder of DayDream Kreative Studios, and the founder of World Was Made For You Inc. a children's nonprofit located on the Main Line.​

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More Than Kale

Narda | More Than Kale Meal Prep and Catering is a native of Philadelphia, PA, mother of two adult children Jarrod and Nia and grandmother of two amazing granddaughters Quinn and Jade. She is the Owner and Chef of More Than Kale Meal Prep and Catering whose mission is to create delicious and creative meals while building relationships one meal at a time. She discovered that meal prep and catering is her love language of being in service to others. She is the Founder and CEO of Women of Dignity Inc, nonprofit organization whose mission is to help eradicate low self esteem in young girls and women so they can walk into their God given purpose. Narda is a Published Author of two books, The Significance of a Smile, and Dignity, Excellence and Grace. Her life's mission is to continue to build strong, meaningful relationships by being in service to her community and others to help them reach their full potential.​

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Four Hills Photography

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4Hills Photography

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4 Hills Junk Removal

Jarrod K. Hill

4Hills Junk Removal

Service areas include Philadelphia, Montgomery County and Delaware County

Additional service areas considered upon request 


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Curry J. Bailey III​

Curry J. Bailey III​

Curry is a lifelong resident of the City of Philadelphia. Curry is the father of two extraordinary adult children Jarrod and Nia and grandfather of Quinn and Jade. Curry is currently a free agent, but past employment has included vocational rehabilitation, social services, school safety and student discipline.


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Living Beyond Breast Cancer

LBBC is partnering with organizations and social media influencers with deep engagement with the Black community to amplify the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Bring Your Brave campaign.

Sponsrship PMAE

Thank you to our sponsors and community/village for our Philadelphia Museum of Art Event!

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