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So why A Letter To My Sisters: A Breast Cancer Documentary For Young Women? Why now?


a certified Radiation Therapist, I witnessed many things. One of the things I saw were young women being treated for breast cancer. Young women from the ages of 24 to 50, alike. As time grew, patients became friends, even family.

Many would continue to thrive throughout their lives and kick cancer in the butt! Some though, like my friends Jaclynn ♥️ and Jeanees ♥️, would not be so blessed.

This documentary is a long time coming, to give some insight into the journey of young women dealing with their diagnosis and life itself—while also highlighting prevention measures.

It is very important we as a community give EVERYONE a voice. Everyone’s journey is different and complex. As a people, we need to respect that fact, and listen when being spoken to. We also need to create a lane for those who are quiet, and voiceless—to give them a platform.

The purpose is simple…To Save Our Sisters AND brothers 💕

Nia Imani 🖤

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