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Finding Your Purpose,
Incorporating Your Faith

Agape is Non-Profit Organization founded in 2017 in Philadelphia, PA. Dr. Nia Imani Bailey is the Founder and President of the Agape – Finding Your Purpose, Incorporating Your Faith Non-Profit Organization. Its’ purpose and mission are to feed, clothe, shelter, and fellowship with the homeless men and women of the Logan Square section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ultimately, the goal is to eradicate homelessness—everywhere!

Board of Directors:

Dr. Nia Imani Bailey, DPA, M.A.Ed, RT(T)

Curry J. Bailey

Narda J. Fields-Bailey


Events: October 30, 2016 - Salvation of Sorrows, Inc: Haircuts for the Homeless 

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My grandmother, Loraine Byrd Fields-Latham, or affectionately known as Smiley taught me about the word, Agape.

She described it to me as God’s love that He has towards us. This agape love is pure, kind and unconditional (1 Corinthians 13:4-8). Because of her, Agape came to be. After her passing, Agape was born.  What we do is simple. We have clothes that have been donated to us—most commonly, coats and socks; we make or pick up fresh food and converse with those who are often judged and forgotten about. 

Smiley taught us the ONLY time you look down on anyone is if you are extending a hand down to help them. She is the reason my heart is for the Homeless population. My mother would always tell me, we are all one paycheck or decision away from being homeless. It is important that we help and give back. My mother (Smiley’s daughter) reenforced Smiley’s teachings. 

Before the birth of Agape, I volunteered with a wonderful organization, We Feed the Homeless Philly!


Thank You!

Thanks for ALL of you who have donated from your closets and pantries. Thanks to Lynn who has organized countless clothing drives from the Downingtown Area Senior Center.


Thanks to Abby Anderson, the founder and president of Salvations of Sorrows Inc., for including us in your haircut event!

Salvations of Sorrows can be found here:

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Join us in our mission to feed, clothe and fellowship with the homeless men and women of the Logan Square section of Philadelphia and beyond!

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Thank you in advance for partnering with us! Your giving will help us continue to reach out to those around us.

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