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Meet Dr. Nia Imani Bailey

I believe that my purpose in life and why God put me on this earth is to help people. My work is centered around showing God’s love and grace He has for me and being an example to others by serving and giving to others, so that they don’t see me but see Him. Simple as that. When I get to heaven, I want to be able to tell God I used everything He gave me!

Dr. Nia Imani Bailey




Finding Your Purpose, Incorporating Your Faith Non-Profit Organization. Its’ mission is to feed, clothe and fellowship with the homeless men and women of the Logan Square section of Philadelphia.


A Letter To My Sisters...

Also, I am the creator, writer, and director of “A Letter to My Sisters: A Breast Cancer Documentary for Young Women” which gives some insight into the journey of young women dealing with their breast cancer diagnosis and life itself.

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Nia Bailey Books

I am also the author of a children’s book/coloring book entitled, Love Thy Neighbor. Love Thy Neighbor highlights a little girl’s mission to feed, clothe and fellowship with homeless people.


Byrd Cancer Foundation

Our purpose is to empower individuals in their fight against cancer, linking them with crucial support and essential resources. We’re dedicated to delivering pertinent information to those who require it, steering them towards the necessary tools to combat their cancer journey effectively.

Documentary Testimonials

"This documentary is a must see for young women. everyone should be aware of the battles of women and families dealing with breast cancer."
Patty Jackson, WDAS

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