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My Goal is to Save Lives

When I tell you my goal is to save lives—I really mean it. My heart aches for every single person who is/was diagnosed with cancer. For the people who have to deal with that indescribable journey. For those who have to configure life post cancer. For those who received their wings 🪽. You see I’m so painfully tired of saying REST IN PEACE. I know we all have our time, but while we are on this side of heaven, I want us to live healthy, prosperous, equitable, whole lives! That is my goal.

This is why the Byrd Cancer Education and Advocacy Foundation was birthed. You see, we seek not to recreate the wheel. We want to connect everyone to the vital, impactful and meaningful resources to prevent, treat and survive cancer. You see that looks different for everyone! Cancer does not behave the same in everyone. We need to be mindful of our communities IMMEDIATE needs! How can we prevent, treat and survive cancer? We must tap into the mind, body, spirit and soul. We must treat the WHOLE person!

So thank you to all of our partners who continually impact our communities, DAILY! We love you! You are needed and appreciated!

To, Alicia Harris, Ella, Katelyn Bucolo, Erica Jo Robinson, Dr. Kathleen Walls, Ed Umoja Herman, and Raquel Fountain— thank you for sharing your stories, experiences and insights! Most importantly, thank you for impacting and saving the world! 

For anyone who needs help, check us out. We will ensure you are connected to the best resources:

God bless! 

Rest in Peace Sarah 🕊️

🎥: @AshMac 💜

📍: MQ Factory - Ricky Codio Studio 💜

💄: Tammi Toliver 💜

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